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GRANDparent of the Year…

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Do you know a grandparent who deserves some recognition?

If so please click here to see how to nominate them.

GRAND Magazine says….

One GRANDparent (or couple) and ten finalists will be honored by GRAND Magazine and REAL Powered by Humana in the 5th annual GRANDparent of the Year tribute to grandparents whose lives demonstrate the unconditional loving bond between child and grandparent.

Tell us in 250 words or less who you think deserves to be our 2011 GRANDparent of the Year.

We have an exciting prize package for the winner along with a tribute to the winner and finalists in the September/October issue of GRAND Magazine and on GRAND Magazine Radio.

Don’t forget, you don’t nominate them here. You have to go to GRAND Magazine!

Honor the grandparent you love by entering them in the GRAND Magazine GRANDparent of the year contest. The winner will be featured in an upcoming issue of GRAND Magazine and receive an exciting prize package.

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It’s been a LONG time since we posted an update here on theNanaBlogs.com, and we are hoping that it won’t be NEARLY as long before the next update.  Over the last several months, there have been quite a few new bloggers who joined up using theNanaBlogs.com as their bloggy home.  We are so glad to have you here with us!  And we’ll try, try to do a better job at being a good blogging example!

So, a few updates….

First, have you seen the new PINK NanaHood.com?  Teresa had me update the site, in PINK, PINK, PINK…. you can read more about it here.

Second, you can win a new QUILT for your mom (or friend or grandma or aunt).  Check out the info here.

Third, now that we are blogging again here at theNanaBlogs, we’d like to invite YOU to be a contributor.  We need GUEST WRITERS!  You can read a bit about that here.

And that’s all for today… but we’ll be back soon!  (I promise)




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A few fun links…

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On Fridays over at NanaHood.com, I usually post a “Friday Fun Links” post.  This week’s theme over at NanaHood is 4th of July, but I thought I’d do something a little different around here, just for… well, fun!

I was browsing the blog links in our sidebar (over there—–>) and came across several great posts from different bloggers that I thought you might like to read.

What posts have YOU read (or written) lately that we should all know about?

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We are looking for bloggers! Are you interested in writing for theNanaBlogs?

We actually offer two places where your blog posts can be featured - www.NanaHood.com and here at www.theNanaBlogs.com.  If you think you have an article or post that others NEED to read,  send an email with your blog link to submissions@nanahood.com

Topic ideas:

  • Fun (and affordable) activities to do with (your) grandchildren
  • Anything hobby related
  • Challenges facing grandparents today (special needs grandchildren, raising your grandchildren, etc)
  • Legacy – what do you want your grandchildren to know and value
  • Bring on the funny – humorous stories about the grandkiddos
  • Reviews – music, movies, art, tv, books – we want to hear your opinion

Please don’t feel limited to our list of topic ideas – if you have an idea, we hope you will share!

Again, the email address is submissions@nanahood.com What are you waiting for??

We reserve the right to NOT publish anything that we deem inappropriate for our website and goals.

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Social Networking 101

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Facebook, Twitter, MySpace… you may have heard of them, but you won’t be alone if you confess you don’t know what to DO with them!

In a nutshell, these are “social networking websites”.  They are all about relationship, about community, and connecting people together in one form or another.

For today, I’d like to share briefly about two of the more popular social networking websites – Facebook and Twitter.

If you go to facebook.com, you’ll reach a simple landing page that states, “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.”  The folks there at facebook obviously want to keep it short and sweet (and maybe confusing?), because you really won’t find out much more without joining up.


Once you do join up, you’ll need to start gathering and finding what facebook calls “friends”.  Chances are you already know a few people on facebook, so you can do searches for their names and/or email addresses.  You have to make a “friend request” and have it approved in order to add someone to your list, or be added to someone’s list.

When using facebook, there are a few key things to understand.

  • If you post something on Facebook, don’t assume it will be private.  It won’t be!  One of the key features of facebook is “networking”, which means everyone is connected – even people you aren’t friends with.For instance, if I post a status update on my Wall, Friend A can come along and write a comment.   Now, Friend A might have a Friend B who is NOT one of my friends.  BUT, Friend B can see what Friend A wrote, because THEY are friends.  How’s that for convaluted?
  • So… I repeat – don’t ever write or post anything you wouldn’t want the whole world to know about.

And then there’s Twitter.com.  Twitter has been called “micro-blogging”, because just like “regular” blogging, you can write little updates about your day, your kids, your business.

BUT, with twitter, you are limited to 140 characters (that’s letters and spaces) for each little “update” or post.  And when you post, twitter displays your updates to all your followers.  So it’s more like “one-sentence-maybe-two-live-blogging”.

I mentioned followers.  With Twitter, if you don’t have anyone “following” you, no one (but you) will ever read your tweets.  (Yes, that’s what they are called).  The quickest way to get followers is to follow others.

Here are a couple of informative (and slightly entertaining) articles about Twitter:

You can follow us on Twitter by clicking HERE

And become a fan of our Facebook Fan page, by clicking HERE

Happy Social Networking!

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What to do when grandma leaves?!

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For the last three weeks, my mother has been visiting.  We get to see her usually 2-3 times a year, since she and my dad live about 10 hours away.  Dad came along for the visit, but he could only stay the first week.  Because Mom doesn’t work full-time, she has more flexibility with her time, and she has begun making her normal visit around 3 weeks long.

As usual, we tried to cram too many things into the three week time-frame, and we managed to do most, but not all of those “things”.

One of the BEST “things” we did was spend hours (literally) filming and photographing the kids doing various projects for a new “Crafts With Mema” blog series.  (You’ll be able to see these videos and photo tutorials over at NanaHood.com every Monday for the next several months!)

Of course the kids loved EVERY minute of their crafting with Mema… as did she.  In fact, I’m not sure WHO loved it more – them or her.  They made everything from Sock Puppets to Homemade Flour Dough to Homemade Paint to Stained Glass (paper tissue) butterflies.  I counted up the projects last night, and I think there are FORTY projects for me to post once a week over the next…almost year!

Mixed in between craft projects, the kids also enjoyed almost daily trips to Walmart and the park…. a few trips to our local museum… a movie at the theater… and lots and lots and LOTS of yummy goodies baked and cooked by Mema.

And then she went home.

The kids are adjusting fairly well.  Well, if asking for her 30 times in about 45 minutes is “fairly well”.  All three kids have asked when we were going to do a project.  And all three have asked if we could go to Walmart.  (“Not now”, and “No” were my replies… no wonder they miss Mema!)

It’s such a huge blessing to my children (and to me) that my mother is able (and willing) to come and spend so much concentrated time with us.  I watch her with them – her easy and fun and relaxed way with them – and then I remind myself that I need to be more relaxed as a Mom… to take more time for FUN… to let them BE them.

I know I still need to “be the mom” and teach and discipline and “raise my kids up right”.  But I can also let a bit of Mema-fun creep in, even when she isn’t here.  I can say “Yes” more often to the requests for cookie making or brownies for breakfast.  It definitely won’t hurt for me to hug and love on them more, and tell them how special they are to me, just like she does when she visits.  It won’t even kill me to take ALL THREE kids to Walmart more often (gasp).

Yes, I can learn from my mother, and how she “grand-mothers” my kids.  As Martha Stewart says, it’s a good thing…

Ok, who wants to do a project???

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Frugal Friday – FREE blogs!

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I am writing a “Frugal Friday” post for the first time, and while I suspect the blog posts for FF aren’t supposed to be “selling” anything, I’m hoping I can get away with this because… well, what I’m “selling” is actually free!

Here at theNanaBlogs.com, we are offering free blog space.  Our goal in starting this website was to offer a way/place/setting for Grandmas and Nanas and Memas (and Mamas too) to have a wordpress blog for free, AND to be part of a larger community of Nana Bloggers (and Grandma Bloggers, and all the rest).

We call it the NanaHood Neighborhood.  And it’s just getting started!  The spaces are available, plenty of lots are empty here in the Neighborhood, just waiting for new Nanas and Grandmas to join us and break ground on their new blog home. Construction has started on quite a few, and we’re so excited about the new Nana Bloggers we’ve met lately.

Won’t you join us?  If you are interested, you can read more about how to sign up, here.  And you can always send a message with questions or concerns through our contact page.  If you need help with setting up your blog, adding a new theme, or just blogging in general, let us know!

This post is linked up at LifeasMOM.com‘s Frugal Friday post.

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My mom isn’t a Nana Blogger (yet), but if she were, I’m pretty sure she would mostly write about her grandkids.  Don’t get me wrong, she has plenty of other interests, but her grandchildren are at the top of her “favorites” list.

We aren’t lucky enough to live close to my parents, but they do live “close enough” to come see us a couple of times a year.  Last night, after a ten hour drive, my parents arrived and much squealing could be heard. (The kids were happy too).

Their arrival means we will be doing FUN things for the next three weeks. Papa can only stay for ten days, but yes, we have Mema for three weeks!  The kids have been making long lists in anticipation of the visit.  Things we plan to do?  A visit (or three) to the Natural History Museum, a day at the Children’s Museum, the Springs Preserve, and maybe a quick trip to the snow.

And Samuel has been planning a VERY. SPECIAL. TRIP. to Red Robin with Papa.  It’s one of Samuel’s favorite restaurants, and he knows Papa loves the fries, so he’s been talking about this lunch date for weeks.  Except he doesn’t want Papa to know.  It’s all very secret… hush-hush… a SURPRISE for Papa.  You know my dad will love it.

I’m especially looking forward to being able to get some projects done (with Mom to watch the kids while I work), and I’m hoping for a few extra naps (my own) and maybe even a night out with my husband.  And we will for sure have to get in a “Mom and Daughter” night at the movies.

All this to say… there’s a lot of LOVE and HAPPINESS in my home today.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone!

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The fastest growing demographic when it comes to social networking and blogging are what I refer to as “Nana Bloggers” — grandmothers 50-plus.  That’s me, an over-50 nana of one, and I just love to blog.  Not all my friends blog as often or as much as I do.  “I just don’t know what to blog about,” they say.  My answer to them is, “Write what you know. When you get together with all your girlfriends what do you talk about?” In case you don’t know what women my age talk about, I’ll tell you.  The next time you are stuck for a topic, just refer to this list.  (And no apologies to David Letterman – these days, with all the wackiness at NBC, he has nothing to complain about.)

What Nana Bloggers Know Best …

10.  Causes. Women my age have sat through way too many PTA meetings.  We have volunteered countless, thankless hours at schools, and helped our kids persuade our friends and neighbors to buy everything from Girl Scout cookies to overpriced candles. At this stage in our lives we have a little more time and can afford to give of our time and talents to organizations that depend on volunteers to help others.  Pick one – Haitian relief, the Red Cross, Save the Children, World Vision, Compassion, the environment. Whatever you care about, blog about it.

9.  Men. Yes, they are from Mars. They think PMS is a television channel.  They don’t understand why women prefer Sleepless in Seattle to The Terminator or Rambo.  Young boys are made of frogs, snails and puppy dog’s tails.  Teenage boys are made of dreams of teenage girls, pizza and trucks.  Real men are made of Old Spice and M&Ms – they’re hard on the outside, soft on the inside, and they melt in a woman’s arms.  Behind every successful Grandpa there’s a Nana who helped him get there.  Where would they be without us?

8.  Kids. We push them in baby carriages, push them to join play groups, push them to get into the best schools, push them out of the house and into college, sometimes they boomerang and come back to us so we push them back out of the house… again, we push them into marriage and finally, we push them to give us grandchildren.  Then the mom pushes the baby out and, voila, we start all over again.

7. Medication. Ailments, we got ‘em: constipation, heart burn, heart attacks, cataracts, cholesterol, Geritol, colonoscopies, mammograms, menopause, migraines, hypertension, depression, diarrhea, bunions, root canals, insomnia, acupuncture, arthritis, bursitis, and colitis.  Been there, done that.  Nanas can give advice, loan you pills, and recommend a doctor, a hospital, a procedure, a surgeon.  Whatever malady you have had Nanas have either had it, know someone who has or know someone who’s going to get it any day now.  If someone in the family is sick don’t call the doctor first — call Nana.  She’ll tell you what to do (and you won’t even need your insurance card).

6.  Politics. Let’s face it: when it comes to politics the Nana Generation has seen it all. We’ve lived through decades of people who never should have been in politics but somehow ended up there.  We’ve had Presidents who were actors and adulterers. Presidents who thought it was okay to spy on the opposing party, and Presidents whose mouths needed to be washed out with soap.  Politics and politicians are fun to blog about because usually government is packed with very smart people who do really stupid things.  I mean, what woman would come home from having an affair and tell her husband she wants to work things out and she’s sorry she had a fling with her soul mate?  Absolutely no woman hiking the Appalachian Trail, that’s for sure.

5.  Sports. You think men are the only ones who can blog about sports?  Think again.  We don’t wear jock straps but we sure suffer with the jocks.  By the time a woman is my age she has endured enough little league, grade school, high school and college basketball ballgames that she could referee better than most paid officials from mid-court, using only a pair of binoculars (though I can’t run up and down a court without having a heart attack) and a whistle (the hearing isn’t what it used to be, either).

4.  Food. Even women who don’t cook love food and often get more excited over going to a 5-star restaurant than they do from a blue-light special at K-Mart.  Nanas love bargains but they love good food even more.  Especially when someone else does the cooking.  And you don’t need to be Julia Child to be a nana food blogger – you just need to be hungry.

3.  Decorating. Home improvements are fun to talk about because what starts out as a small project always morphs into a whole-house makeover.  Decorating comes natural for women with Martha Stewart genes but the rest of us have to find gay guys with good taste to help us out.  (Besides, gay guys are so much fun to hang out with.  Aside from having impeccable design sense, they’re not prone to plumber-butt… as some spouses, ahem, all too often are.)

2.  All women talk about the Big Three: boobs, butt and belly.  Whenever a group of women get together it’s just a matter of time before they discuss body parts.  They talk about the need and cost to fix them, and whether or not it’s worth it.  They compare whose are the biggest or sag the most.  Whose is wider or sticks out more.  It never ends.  No matter what we look like, we are never, ever satisfied.  Which is why cosmetic surgery appears to be one of the few truly recession-proof industries.

1.  And the number one thing Nanas can blog about better than anyone else: the grandkids (of course). If you didn’t guess that one, you obviously haven’t seen pictures of my granddaughter.  She’s the most beautiful, smartest, most talented child in the universe.  The only other children as beautiful as she is have not been born yet. They are my future grandchildren — and I can’t wait to be their nana, too!

About TheNanaBlogs

TheNanaBlogs.com is a new site dedicated to turning nanas, grandmas, memas (and moms) into bloggers.  The site provides them with the space and the technology to begin blogging. Nanablogs offer grandparents a voice, a place to share thoughts, a place to brag about grandkids – and a new way to connect with family.   Like its sister site, NanaHood.com, TheNanaBlogs.com is a creation of Teresa Bell Kindred.  Teresa is a wife, mom, author, and proud nanablogger.

This post is linked up with Works For Me Wednesday.

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Grand Magazine

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Have you heard of Grand Magazine?  With a huge list of featured topics, articles, forums, and more, the online version of Grand Magazine is a website worth bookmarking and visiting regularly.

From the desk of Christine Crosby, Founder and Publisher:

“…Becoming a grandparent has transformed my life beyond measure.  So, from the beginning, we at GRAND Media have made it our mission to provide grandparents of all ages and in all stages of life both information and inspiration.  Through GRAND Magazine and now, through GRANDmagazine.com, we’ve created a world that celebrates the joys and tackles the challenges of one of life’s sweetest experiences - having grandchildren.”

We here at theNanaBlogs.com are excited to share with you an offer from Grand Magazine for a FREE subscription and access to the online version of Grand Magazine.  Click the link below to check it out!


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